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Iran has lots of attractions which suites special and general interest tourists including families, adventure lovers, sport persons, history seekers, cultural interest tourists and many more.
Benefiting from professional Experts and experienced Tourism planers, enabling Sati to have wide range of tour services.

We offer:

- Nature Tours
Travel to amazing natural areas to see scenic beauties and unique attractions of high mountains, deep valleys, evergreen forests, beautiful deserts, etc.
- Cultural/Historical Tours
Visiting amazing ancient sites, unique historical and cultural attractions in and around well-known towns of Shiraz, Esfahan, Kerman, Yazd, Kashan or great sites in remote area such as desert caravanserai, jungle castles, mountain fire temples, extra ordinary volcanic villages and getting familiar with rural life, lovely nomads and their life style etc.
- Ski Tours
There are unique Ski Slopes and mountains for skiing in different level, such as Chelgerd Slope in Shahrekord-Chaharmahal o Bakhtiari, Dizin and Shemshak, Alvares in Sarein-Ardebil Province etc.
- Islands of Persian Gulf
Qheshm, Kish and other islands in Persian Gulf are unique places with extra-ordinary nature, Islamic beaches and big shopping malls.
- Deserts of Iran
Two main deserts, “Dasht-e-Kavir” and “Lut” cover the main part of the central plateau. We can take to remote areas to see natural wonders of deserts, camp under the blazing sky and hear the voice of silence.
- Beach and Jungle Tours
North coast of Iran is a rare evergreen jungle which extends to Caspian Sea you can enjoy jungle relaxation or camping and trekking at the same time beach activities.
- Pilgrim Tours
Mashhad and Qom are to most popular pilgrim destinations which attract Shiite Muslims. There are lots of natural beauties around these attractions you can enjoy both.
- Medical trips
We arrange first class services for any medical treatment from basic to full service surgeries in progressive hospitals with a reasonable cost.
- Adventure tours
If you are looking for recreation and enjoying all the beauties of the nature, you can join us for trekking tours to either of geographically distinct regions of Iran, Rafting Tours, Cycling tours, Canoeing tours, climbing tours and etc.

- Nomad tours
We offer you the extraordinary experience of trips to beautiful and untouched regions mostly near ancient and/or historical sites to get to know the exceptional and unique nomad life in Iran
- Wild Life & Bird-watching
Having close relation with experts in all fields including wild life and who are cooperating with us as consultants and guides, we lead you to fantastic trips to get to know rare animals such as Asian Cheetah, Persian Wild Ass, Persian Fallow deer, Asiatic Black Bear and three species of genus Gazelle, as well as bird specious like Siberian Crane, Plesk's Ground jay, Houbara Bustard, Falcons, Imperial Eagle, Dalmatian Pelican and … in untouched and wild regions of Iran as a discrete program or a part of any eco adventure trip.
- Village Trekking
The villages in Iran have got a wide structural variety for which we offer you trips to visit and experience the pleasure of visiting these amazing attractions. The walking paths reaching these villages are fantastic and attractive in themselves.